Hasta La Vista, Bootstrap!

Welcome to the long-awaited one-stop-shop for all things RJMetrics style. Here you will be able to access styles for any element found within either our marketing or the RJMetrics product. While many of the styles for the brand are utilized the same way between marketing and product, most of our other design patterns tend to be different between product and marketing materials. This is going to be an ever-growing and ever-perfecting reference for use by any RJMetrics team member.

Future Plans

To make this as useful for everyone as possible, we are planning on including many more sections of elements, including: Navigations, Messages & Alerts, Tables, Chart styles, Modals, etc. Additionally, we plan on implementing far more specific usage instructions and overall styling syntax rules (like github). Eventually, this document will tell you how to structure your CSS, style it, and specifically where and when to use it.

Keep in Mind

This is not our way of saying this is how all UI should be organized or styled accross the web, it's simply the way that we want RJMetrics to be styled. If others find this inspirational and want to use these styles, great. We will always encourage the use of these elements or any of our frameworks, but this is most importantly a benchmark for how things should look for RJMetrics.